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Dress Code

In and around the Clubhouse

Members, and any visitors, should wear respectable clothing and footwear. Clean golf shoes with soft spikes are permitted in the clubhouse from April to October. Metal spiked golf shoes are not permitted in the bar or restaurant at any time.

On the Golf Course

Members, their guests, and any visitors are expected to wear acceptable and respectable recognised golf wear. We acknowledge that golf fashion can change very quickly and so any golfing apparel that can be purchased from a professional golf retail outlet is acceptable.

Golf Shirts and tops that are designed to be worn in or outside the waistband may be worn as such, longer shirts need to be tucked in. Socks of any variety are fine, preferably white in colour.  Blue denim jeans, T-shirts, beach clothes or non-tailored shorts are not acceptable. Trainers may be worn when caddying and by children aged 11 and under.


Mens Dress Code


Please adhere to the dress code below

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